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AviaSoft develops scheduling software for Poland’s Katowice Airport





Polish software developer AviaSoft has developed new computing software for Katowice International Airport in southern Poland.

The new software will allow Katowice International to track work schedules for all its employees more efficiently, allowing the airport greater control over the extensive range of shifts led by its ground-handlers, airlines and airport workers.

AviaSoft’s scheduling programme has a variety of modules including daily scheduling and flight scheduling, as well a new Departure Control System (DCS) solution, Avia Handling.

The recently developed DSC Avia Handling solution allows prompt and easy passenger loading to aircraft. AviaSoft said it designed the solution as an alternative to high-priced systems made by well-known brands that are currently available on the market.

AviaSoft has been developing software solutions since 2004, during this time huge growth has been recorded in the Polish airports market, which has seen passenger traffic rise substantially over the past decade.

Katowice International Airport now handles almost nine times the amount of passengers it handled 10 years ago – passenger traffic increased from 257,991 in 2003 to 2.5 million in 2013.


10 April 2014 

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Managing resources



Deciding on the number of employees needed to complete a job versus the budget available can be difficult for many airport operators – but AviaSoft’s software solution can help. It calculates the number of staff needed to service the flight schedule, airlines and many more peripheral factors that affect staff numbers. Every worker is assigned to a flight and has a clear view of operations for the month ahead. However, if something changes to the flight schedule owing to delays, then shifts can be moved automatically on the Daily Schedule and this data is sent to the employee’s personal mobile device, which might be a cell phone or a tablet.


The airport operator can fully control the flow of employees within the terminal via their mobile devices. The AviaSoft solution receives data from the departure control system about the progress of passengers at check-in and the quantity of baggage loaded at the aircraft, and by reading this data, the system can estimate the time required to finish the handling. Using this calculation, the AviaSoft system can adjust the number of employees and man-hours spent serving a particular flight and direct


them to where they are really needed. In order to do this, the automatic scheduler changes shifts dynamically, moving staff servicing one flight to another, depending on the current load of the aircraft and other factors including the passenger list, time to departure, and speed of check-in and boarding.


Every unit of the program combined together gives a powerful tool in the management of human assets at the airport. Additionally AviaSoft’s clients receive even more benefits by using other AviaSoft modules including DSC, BRS, W&B, GHN, Airport Documentation and the Airport Management System. Each module fulfills the requirements of a typical airport and ensures that all collected data is complete.


AviaSoft systems can cooperate with the systems currently used at the airport. They can maintain all aviation systems as IT support and remarkably reduce the cost of IT services.


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