Airport is our home 

and we have grown there up for many years     


This is why we must give the high quality service, where every mistake may cost man’s life.

We can give our service to airports, airlines, and handling agents. We have specialists for world leading airport suppliers inter alia for Sita products.

We deliver wide variety of the airport systems from FIS, DCS and W&B, to automatic scheduler.



Departure Control System


DCS is check-in system which allows for the check-out of passengers on all types of flight . They can check-out at home using the web browser or at the counter at the airport.
This system has three modules- check-in, boarding and reconciliation.  Easy to install, it can work with the Internet connection.

Passenger list is imported from SitaTex, file and clipboard in different file formats.
Departure Control System can generates or import SitaTex typ B messages and documents:

  • PFS
  • PSM
  • SOM
  • TPM
  • PRL
  • ETL
  • List of PAX accepted

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Automatic Scheduler


Our unique development is a work schedule generator that creates schedule based on: flight schedule, individual needs of employee, work law and further configurations. The schedule made by the system indicates about 95% of effectiveness. Robust mathematical algorithm used in this program gives us a powerful tool to create labour schedule.

Firstly system generates schedule of needs on the basis of:

  • flight schedule
  • workplace
  • A/C configuration.

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Our Modules


  • Invoices
  • Sale
  • MIS
  • Fight Schedule
  • GHN
  • Daily Schedule
  • Automatic Scheduler
  • Weight & Balance
  • DCS
  • Day Report
  • Services
  • Reports



Weight and Balance

AviaSoft has launched the enhanced weight and balance system, which automatically calculates optimal balance to ensure aircraft safety and reduce fuel consumption. Going further, the accurate calculation of load and balance can have an unquotable impact on costs, that could be saved in system administration, operations, and staff education, and for airline in the field of fuel consumption reduction. This easy to use but highly efficient system effectively improves airline competitiveness receiving positive opinion on WizzAir audit in October 2014 at International Airport in Katowice. System calculates ZFW, TOW, LAW and positions of the flaps. It can be used for all Airbus and Boeing airplanes: A320, B737 as well.


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Daily Schedule


There is the place where basic information about servicing of the flight is kept. When new SitaTex message type B comes it will appear at once, if new load sheet or GHN are created then that change will be seen immediately. Every worker is connected with a flight, and knows what flight he does by reading daily schedule, this information can be sent to personal mobile devices, which can hold information about position of the employee at the terminal. 


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Flight Schedule


In this module all flights are collected. At every flight you can choose the type of the flight, A/C registration marks, A/C type, destination, the date and hour when operates, airline and much more. You have two ways for watching the data stored in the database. The first one is normal and the second one is recurential. You can import all flight schedule received from airline with no need to spend hours for entering it.


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