Weight and Balance

AviaSoft has launched the enhanced weight and balance system, which automatically calculates optimal balance to ensure aircraft safety and reduce fuel consumption. Going further, the accurate calculation of load and balance can have an unquotable impact on costs, that could be saved in system administration, operations, and staff education, and for airline in the field of fuel consumption reduction. This easy to use but highly efficient system effectively improves airline competitiveness receiving positive opinion on WizzAir audit in October 2014 at International Airport in Katowice. System calculates ZFW, TOW, LAW and positions of the flaps. It can be used for all Airbus and Boeing airplanes: A320, B737 as well.




After choosing W&B icon from Daily Schedule the following view appears, the entire flight data is downloaded into W&B module:

In order to succeed in W&B process the following fields must be filled step by step.
Flight fields are interconnected with the flight schedule therefore at the beginning airline and the flight number should be chosen, then rest of the data will be automatically downloaded.

Next items can always be edited manually:
• date
• flight number
• departure
• from
• to

Next step is to enter correct data about aircraft in corresponding fields.

Please check if the DOW and DOI are correct!
In order if data is not correct it should be corrected by pressing EDIT button to enter current value manually.

PAX session has to be filled out according to local DCS system and passengers’ seating positions can be easily changed by pressing Edit and changing it manually.

Fuel- fill in the corresponding fields.

Holds- using this session it is possible to distribute baggage –simply by entering number of pieces or weight in each compartment. Using R letter system will substitute weight or number of rest of the luggage. EIC and Mail can be added accordingly (but no letter R acceptance).

Trim Chart- graphical presentation of the weight & balance process. At this stage visual result of the balance can be checked and in simple way amended it e.g. by compartment distribution.

The results of the process can retrieved by pressing:
• loading instruction
• loadsheet