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AviaSoft provides exceptional services and support in widerange of business. We have a wealth of experience in airport technology where mistakes are costly, we aim to get it right every time and deliver our services of the highest quality. Your company gets nothing but the very best from our IT division, we understand your needs and requirements and work to your budget.  




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Problem with hardware?

We do service for all kinds of company types. We can manage all your computers, servers no matter what kind of operation system you use and all your network. We have wide experience with virtual servers like Xen, VMware and more. We can do the projects of IT infrastructure and we can write software dedicated to your company.


We can do the service for you from right now 7 days a week 24h a day with no contract need. It is enough for you to send us an email with detailed description of the problem or contact us by chat. After having access to your computer we will solve problem quickly and thoroughly, sending you report what was done. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us.


We can help you and fix the problem. You need to have a contract for that. £30 monthly for one PC or laptop and we take care of your device in case of any problem with it. We will do this in no time.


Managing of servers:





• Linux
• Windows
• Xen
• VMware


• Windows
• Linux
• OS X


• WiFi